Indications & Uses:

• Increase the immunity
• Reduce obesity and extra belly fat
• To reduce the increased blood glucose level
• Helpful in all the digestive disorders
• To help in maintain the activation of tissues damage during and after the disease like diabetes
• Antioxidant properties and also improves digestion
• Improves metabolism and increase formation and secretion of bile juices and digestive enzymes
• Reduce the formation of renal calculus
• Piles (Reduce the constipation)
• Soft laxative which have no side effects in any manner
• Digestive, carminative properties
• Glowness of skin of the body
• Acidity/gas formation




human-body-sistem-collection_23-2147539558The herbs in the Dr.Allfit activate digestive system, which results correcting metabolism of the body . Due to that it helps to reduce the extra body fat.

By improving metabolism and increment in formation and secretion of bile juice and digestive enzymes it helps to control diabetes, because it stimulates the pancreatic cells to release more insulin from pancreas.

Due to improvement in metabolism it helps to excrete toxins from the body through skin, which helps to keep glow on the skin.

Composition of Dr Allfit:

Gymnema sylvestre ::

Its leaves contains gymenemic acid anthraquinone compound which helps to reduce the increased blood glucose level.

Eugenia jambolana::

Seeds contains elegiac acid which helps to control blood glucose level.


It consists of three fruits which have antioxidant , digestive, carminative properties.

Terminalia chebula::

Harad is locally known as harand. Which means haran of all waist material from the body. It is soft laxative which have nop side effects in any manner.

Kala namak::

It also contains sodium sulphate, alumina, magnesium, ferric oxide and iron sulphide by which it is very much helpful in all the digestive disorders.

Vasant kusmakar ras::

It is a classical medicine which has rejuvenate properties is liable to help to maintain the activation of tissues damage during and after the disease like diabetes .

Tinospora cordifolia::

It has antioxidant, anti viral properties and also improves digestio.


In adult 1-3 pouch with milk/honey daily

Children 1/2-1 pouch with milk/honey daily
OR As per advice by doctor

DR. Allfit is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

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